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Windows PowerShell Quick Reference

Informacje zna­j­du­ją się w pliku, który moż­na pobrać z tego adresu: powershell_reference.pdf

Debugging (Console Pane) POWERSHELL

Continue CStep into SStep over V Step out ORepeat last com­mand EnterDisplay call stack KStop debug­ger QList the script L Display con­sole debug com­mands H or ?

Debugging (Script Pane) POWERSHELL

Toggle break­point F9 Continue F5 Step into F11 Step over F10 Step out SHIFT+F11 Display call stack CTRL+SHIFT+D List break­points CTRL+SHIFT+L Remove all break­points CTRL+SHIFT+F9 Stop debug­ger SHIFT+F5

execution powershell script

Run a script F5Run only selec­tion F8Run cur­rent caret line F8Stop exe­cu­tion CTRL+BREAKCTRL+C NOTE: Using CTRL+C for script exe­cu­tion ter­mi­na­tion works only when no text select­ed in the Script or Console Pane.

powershell console pane

PaneGo to Script Pane CTRL+I Cycle through com­mand his­to­ry UP ARROW DOWN ARROW Scroll to the out­put CTRL+UP ARROW

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